tarot and crystals

Through symbolism, metaphor, and storytelling, tarot offers us new ways to view our experiences and shift our perspectives.  More than ‘fortune telling’, tarot is a way to ask ourselves, what path are we on?  How’s the journey going? 

Sometimes we find ourselves out of balance, stressed out, and tired. This is especially true in recent years, as Covid-19 has drastically changed our lives.  We may find ourselves living dualistically, dividing our body-mind into just a Body, just a Mind, and ignoring our Spirit entirely.  Perhaps we have been out of balance for so long that we no longer even recognize it. 

In times like this, it can be helpful to integrate rituals like tarot into our spiritual practice.  Through symbolism, visualization, and the reframing of our life narrative, we can experience a sense of calm and confidence that we may have been missing. 

Setting aside time to examine our lives with a gentle, nonjudgmental attitude can be healing and offer opportunities for growth and change that we may not have been aware of or open to previously.  It is my hope that your reading may bring you a full and open awareness of your current potential for happiness. 

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